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TRP full form in Hindi meaning

इस लेख का शीर्षर्क है TRP full form in Hindi meaning. यह एक तकनीक है या हम इसे एक टूल भी बोल सकते है जिससे यह जाना जा सकता है की कोनसा TV channel ज्यादा देखा गया है या कोनसा TV Serial ज्यादा popular है।

TRP full form Hindi में होता है Television Rating Point या Target Rating Point भी कहते है।

इसका मुख्य उद्देश्य है TV serial की लोकप्रियता को पता करना। Advertisement या विज्ञापन के views भी इसी माध्यम से पता किये जाते है।

TRP calculation method

TRP = Reach among target audience (%) x Average frequency.

In English

TRP Full Form is given above. This is a system to calculate the views of TV serial’s and advertisement. Television (Target) Rating Point is the meaning of TRP which is very useful. It comes in TV set which is already installed and it calculate the advertisement as well as TV serial. TRP is calculate in 30 day always (however it is not mandatory). Highest rating point’s receiver TV show is called most popular TV show.

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