Ohio State football coach Ryan Day refrained from addressing questions about the alleged sign-stealing controversy involving archrival Michigan.

However, he endorsed the idea of incorporating helmet communication technology into college football, similar to the NFL.

During his weekly press conference ahead of the Buckeyes' game against Wisconsin, Day stated, "It doesn't really matter right now.

What matters is playing this game. But we should definitely consider that because it would certainly help."

The proposal for helmet communication technology was initially raised by Matt Rhule, the coach at Nebraska and former head coach of the Carolina Panthers.

Helmet communication, a technology that allows coaches to transmit play calls directly to players through headsets inside their helmets, has been a staple in the NFL since 1994

It began with quarterbacks and expanded to include defensive players in 2008, reducing the need for sideline signals.

Ryan Day, who has NFL experience from his time as an assistant with the Philadelphia Eagles and San Francisco 49ers, remarked, "It was good.

The coach on the sideline had the walkie-talkie, and he would be able to communicate through the headset."

The NCAA is currently investigating Michigan in light of allegations related to sign-stealing. While sign-stealing alone does not violate NCAA rules,

the program may have taken illicit measures to obtain stolen signs. The investigation focuses on whether

a Wolverines support staff member scouted opponents in person and used video to steal signs, violating NCAA rules.

Reports suggest that Connor Stalions, a suspended Wolverines analyst alleged to have led the operation, purchased tickets in his name for over 30 games in the past three seasons.

Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh denied any knowledge of the alleged sign-stealing operation in a statement released last week.

The Big Ten has informed Michigan's upcoming opponents, including Ohio State, about the ongoing investigation. Ohio State will conclude its regular season with a game against Michigan on November 25.